Twitch Cheering/Bits and the Search Endpoint


I am trying to use the Twitch API to figure out 3 things

  • Whether a channel uses the Cheering/Bits service or not and if possible, since when.
  • Use the search/channel endpoint to search for channels of certain games (
  • Use the search/channel endpoint to search for more than 1000 channels. I have tried the endpoint and at offset=900 and limit=100 and its response is empty.

I am writing an academic paper and it would be awesome if someone can help me out.

Thank you.

  1. Any sort of partnered settings and private partnered information (such as how many subs a channel has) is private to tat channel only through the actual website and not given with the API.

  2. As far I am aware, the query when searching channels only tries to match channel names. I could be wrong on this one as I haven’t dug that deep into search yet.

  3. It depends on what you search and when you search. But offset has an apparent max (not confirmed by the API team) of 1000. So unless there is a _cursor to follow, the max possible result will be 1100 elements.

@Six is correct.

On a side, note, @chatcrawler1, it sounds like you’re trying to scrape a lot of data based on your previous posts. Just to be clear, this isn’t supported as part of our Developer Agreement. I would highly recommend you contact our legal team about your usage.

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