Twitch-Cli arguments & flags

I have a problem while testing my app and I have too many of the same type of eventsub subscription so i need to delete them, I was going to use the twitch-cli but I can’t figure out how to pass in my app token, what’s the correct format to pass in the token, i’ve tried

  • app-token
  • app_token
  • apptoken
  • token

But everything returns the same response

-q is for passing query paramters

The authentication token is not a query parameter it is a header.

You can configure twitch-cli to generate and use an Access Token

Checking the docs, the cli doesn’t support the use of an arbitary/passed in token.

darn, I’ll have to find another way to remove the subscriptions.

Cheers Barry

Or just use the CLI to generate an App Access Token, feed it the clientID and secret and generate an app access token and away you go.

Aaaah makes sense! Cheers, that’s done the job nicely.

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