Twitch Desktop app for watching streams

I created a software for livestreams that allowes you to watch streams with vlc and mpchc.
i tried to add an option to check if a streamer is broadcasting, but i didnt find one,
does anybody have any idea how to check if a user is currently broadcasting in C#?

i finished my app and it works great but if i could add that it would be perfect.

The API you will want to use for this is:

if the stream key is null, the channel is offline. If it is not then the channel is live.


here try this out

string sUsername = "NAME HERE";

string sUrl = "" + sUsername;
HttpWebRequest wRequest = (HttpWebRequest)HttpWebRequest.Create(sUrl);
wRequest.ContentType = "application/json";
wRequest.Accept = "application/vnd.twitchtv.v3+json";
wRequest.Method = "GET";

dynamic wResponse = wRequest.GetResponse().GetResponseStream();
StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(wResponse);
dynamic res = reader.ReadToEnd();

if (res.Contains("display_name")) {
    //user is live

} else {
    //user is not live

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Thanks a lot it worked great.

your welcome glad it worked

is there any way i can make a chat window in c#?
does the chat has any API for c#, or maybe a way to open a popup window directly to the chat.
when i tried to open the chat in a popup window it always says there is a problem to connect and it leaves me with an empty chat window.
you got any idea how can i get the chat to my software?
btw this is what i have so far if you want to see it:

There is no easy way to get chat embedded in your app. I have chat in my app but its taking me over 2 mouths trying stuff to get it to work. You can make a browser open with chat in it. But its not embed. Use this code.

string sUsername = "USERNAME HERE";

string sUrl = "" + sUsername + "/chat";

You app is coming alone good.
You can read here Twitch chat wont load in webbrowser control to see what I used. More info here Or get someone to add it or give you all the code and files you will need for it but that kinda stuff aint free.

I think i will just give up on that chat thing.
thanks a lot for the help appreciate it.

yeah its been a pain getting chat to work in my app. and your welcome.

This app works perfectly for me (instead of in-browser twitch which stops after ~30 seconds), but could you please add “High” quality? Currently there are only “Source” (which is called “High” within app), “Medium” and “Low”.
Thanks in advance!
P.S. I do a programming a bit, so if you could provide me sources so maybe I could do it on my own.

You can check Twichist:

You can use IRC for the chat, I’ve done it before