[ Twitch Dev Rig Application ]

I use Twitch Dev Rig for create my twitch extension panel.
But when i add a new view (type panel) it’s write
(Broadcaster INVALID) and when i want to run front end and back End it’s starting but i see nothing on my view.

Can someone help me with this probleme ? I didn’t find any solution

(Sorry for my bad english i’m french) Merci

I assume you mean it’s “white” and it didn’t load anything?

What other views do you have?

This suggests the following:

  • You haven’t enabled and/or defined a “panel viewer path” to be loaded


  • That file couldn’t be loaded as you didn’t make it

You can right click on the dev rig and toggle open Chrome Developer tools to help debug this via the network or console tags

Ok. It’s work. I think it’s because i write the wrong “Testing Base URI”

Thanks for you’re answer