Twitch Developer points of contact

What can we expect going forwards in terms of being able to get in contact with Twitch for 3rd party dev needs?

Years ago we had a developer contact email address, that vanished from the dev site support page.

We had a form to request rate limit increases, that no longer supports requests for Webhooks (or EventSub), or Helix rate limit requests, leaving developers with no point of contact to request higher limits.

There are also a lot of Extension developers who have questions about grey areas in the guidelines and have no point of contact to ask questions without building a proof of concept and going through the entire review process. Similarly, there are those of us such as myself who work with charities, or other areas that may be ‘problematic’ without some prior discussion with someone at Twitch, but this isn’t currently an option.

In the future, can we expect more avenues for developers to get in contact with the appropriate people at Twitch?

Thanks for the question @Dist! Yes, in the future you can expect new communication channels to make these requests simpler. We are actively working to launch these new support channels, and we are targeting early Q1 next year. Stay tuned