Twitch Developers Console Login with Twitch bad redirect URL

When first authorizing to use Twitch developer’s console to use my twitch account, the oath2 redirect url is incorrect, leading to, confusingly, being redirected back to


  1. Sign up to twitch with a new account.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on ‘Login with Twitch’
  4. Observe that’s redirect_url has one too many 'w’s:
  5. Clicking ‘continue’ on leads back to, with the developer’s console not being authorized on the account.
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Same happening here. loads without problem after logging in.

Clicking on Apps redirects to instead of and cant access the apps.

Same here.
Always end up on

Same here pls fix it ;(

Should be fixed now. Works on my machine.

it works :wink: thx

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