Twitch Drop Reward Selection Error


I am not sure if there was a change to the Developer side of the Twitch Drops but right now when I am making a new campaign it is giving me an error when trying to add a reward to a drop entry in the campaign. It does not allow me to add any reward to my drops. I have not changed the creation process either. Any assistance as I need to have a Drop active by 12pm ET Tuesday May 21st, 2024…

The error I am getting when trying to select and save my reward is:

Error encountered when updating rewards.

requirements Reward group must contain at least one accepted requirement type - accepted types are MinutesWatched and Subs

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same issue here :sob:, waiting for twitch side fix


Well at least it’s not only on my end. Thinking its a widespread thing.

Let’s hope they fix this in the next 7ish hours. LOL

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I’ve raised this to someone who may be able to assist, but please keep in mind due to the time currently in the US it may not be possible to be resolved within your time constraints, so I’d recommend periodically checking yourself as if it’s just a temporary bug of some sort it may resolve itself before your needed campaign time.


Thanks for the update. If anything drops can always be delayed :slight_smile:

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Just checking in on this… If anything the error is still happening on my end.

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This is a known issue that should be fixed later today, likely 2 PM PST or later.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience on this!


Looks like it is working now! Thanks!

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