Twitch Email Reply?

So, I was asking for permission to use Password-Credentials-Grant-Flow in an email, all I got back is "your twitch account seems to be encountering problems, please give IP and birthday. Why? No one I don’t think has even read the email, it just got blocked? I really don’t want to ask in a forum, but Twitch’s support is so maze-like its ridiculous. One email / site for API/SDK, one email/site for Twitch Support, one for this, one for that… On this website, (this API one) I have found no ability to send private messages, nor emails. I have waited now for 3 days for a reply…

Through where did you attempt to contact and get permission?

Speaking generally, almost no one gets permission to use that flow since it basically defeats the security provided by OAuth and in most cases the same outcome can be accomplished with other means. Personally I would not enter my credentials into a strange application unless I’m 100% sure I can trust the developer.

Twitch contact us is where I sent it to, but if no one gets the permission, then nevermind ok leave the app with the user copying and pasting the key from their browser. Thanks for the help!