Twitch embed api

Hi i am designing a website and i wanted to know if there was a way to dynamically change the volume of a stream with javascript, This is using the embed object player and not the iframe, i hope someone can help my with this <3

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The embedded flash player only support mute and unmute. There is not an API for volume level change. I am hopeful that with the release of Twitch’s new HTML5 player we might get an IFrame API that permits this, but there’s no way to be sure what’s to come.

yeah i really hope so, i was looking for a work around but couldn’t find any… ireally hope they add it

I don’t think twitch will add this. as a developer you might like this feature, but, nobody wants you to touch their volume tbh.
I always run twitch at 2% volume.
there’s people always using 100%

if we want to change it we would use the twitch frame.

I think mute and unmute are a fine balance of developer / user

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