Twitch Embed mobile web hard to press play

I’ve got the twitch embed working well on all platforms, in the sense that it appears and can play properly, but I’ve had many users tell me that it’s difficult to press play because on a phone it can get wonky separating the play button’s hit box with the rest of the options and then it just doesn’t start. And this isn’t just a case of fat fingers; I’ve tested it a bunch and you really need to be meticulous to get it to fire correctly.

My workaround has been to hit fullscreen first and then play, but your average user won’t think to do that. Does anyone have any insight on this issue and how to resolve it?

What I’m thinking is just a big transparent overlay that can trigger play over every other option but it seems so janky.

If the player is paused/not playing

You can tap anywhere on the player to unpause/start playing.

I pulled up my player/parent github example and if the player is paused, the whole stream is a play button. So you shouldn’t need to provide anything else.

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