Twitch.Embed read-only chat and controls questions


We would like to use Twitch.Embed for displaying Twitch streams with chat. But we are running into a couple of issues.
First, when setting the chat option to: “mobile” we are not seeing a read-only chat on mobile phones. The chat we are seeing the user can still send messages, interact with.
Second, we would like to hide the controls, but the controls: false option does nothing in Twitch.Embed. It is working with Twitch.Player. Can we have chat by using Twitch.Player, or can we hide controls in Twitch.Embed?
The autoplay video starts muted on mobile phones. We would just like to confirm that this is due to browser limitations? Is there a workaround for this?

Thank you!

It’s not supposed to be read only. It’s just a normal chat


All auto play video starts muted unless the user has interacted with the webpage first. This was a change that primarilly started in Chrome 86 (iirc) and has somewhat rolled out to all browsers and is more heavily enforced on mobile.

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