Twitch Embedded Player can only stream low resolution in my Android TV app

I’m trying to embed a Twitch Player in an Android TV app using Webview. It works but the resolution can’t seem to go past 360p. I added setQuality() to 720p but it didn’t switch. I noticed that the player may have tried to switch but failed when it displays 480p and switched back to 360p. When I tried to play the same live stream in the Twitch Android app, the resolution looks good - so my Xiaomi TV box hardware should be sufficient. Below is my example code. Please kindly advise if there is anything I should try and/or if the new updates in 2020 will address this issue.

A quick follow up on this one - without changing any code, the streams are now switching resolutions correctly today. I’ll observe some more, but if anyone on the Twitch team made any changes - just want to say thank you!

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