Twitch embedding "Schedule & Countdown" on personal website

Hello, all , trying to embed the Twitch embedding “Schedule & Countdown” on personal website.
twitch page:
My website:
the problem is that
then i unpin the stream labs schduler i the link:

i’ve was trying to add it to my website as a iframe tag let say:

unfortenutly i get an issues\ error # www.twitch.tvis blocked **** refused to connect.

Can some one explain why this happening or i cannot do that ? how can i achieve this ?

You can’t

A twitch extension is designed to be used one place and one place only. On Twitch.

To render the extension information on another site that extension would need to provide an API to consume or it’s own non Twitch version of the extension for embedding.

Please consult with Streamabs for this use case, of which we are not the support for, or build you own with which we can help with.

TLDR: you can’t do that