Twitch Emotes API endpoints now include an image template string and image options

Twitch API endpoint payloads for retrieving Twitch emotes (Get Channel Emotes, Get Global Emotes, and Get Emote Sets) have been updated to include image options per emote and a template string allowing you to customize the image request for your application’s use case.

You will notice that these endpoints now include a top-level field for “template,” which at the time of this post looks like the following.

"template": "{{id}}/{{format}}/{{theme_mode}}/{{scale}}"

Each emote object now includes image options such as format, scale, and theme_mode as well as the valid values for each of these options per emote. For example, format will only include static if the emote is not animated.

To check out these updates, refer to the documentation linked on the endpoints mentioned above or read more about the Twitch emotes CDN URLs in the Chat & Chatbots section.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

The link you posted to Twitch emotes CDN URLs docs is broken. This one works: Also it’s not listed in the ToC, I don’t know if that’s intentional or not though.

Also is this broken templating?

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Whoops, I’ll update. Thanks!

Update: The link above and the broken templating has been fixed (the latter is in the process of building).

The page should be in the ToC under the Chat and Chatbots section, but is not meant to be a top level item.

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