twitch.ext.configuration.onChange not called on configuration change


I’ve an issue with Configuration Service. I have a backend service that updates twitch configuration using twitch API endpoint (PUT<client ID>/configurations). It’s using “broadcaster” segment. The problem is that extension doesn’t get information about configuration getting updated. I’m using twitch.ext.configuration.onChange(callback), but my callback is called just once, right after extension load. Any changes of the configuration doesn’t refire it.

The extension is in “Hosted test” mode.

Does anyone run into such problem?


Correct. It only fires ONCE at extension load up

You probably want to do something like this:

When you send a Config Update, you also broadcast the update over PubSub.

onChanged only fires once at extension boot up.
So running instances of your extension either need to reload the page, or be sent the update config via PubSub

Ok. So the method name is super misleading. onChange suggest that it actually react to changes. onLoad would be much better name.

BTW its super weird design choice made by Twitch dev team to not broadcasting configuration changes by default. In 99% of cases extensions need to have up-to-date configuration, which means in 99% of cases developers’ll have to use Pub/Sub anyway and implement this by their own.

Thanks for the reply.