Twitch extension is allowing bits transactions for non-affiliate


I’ve recently had my extension approved and released on Twitch, which allows purchasing with bits. Since the extension has been approved, I’ve still been able to trigger events on my extension on my own stream (i’m not an affiliate) that should charge bits, however, I’m also not being charged those bits.

I want to make sure that something isn’t setup incorrectly with my extension.


  1. Why can I continue to make bits purchases through my extension on my stream when I am not an affiliate level streamer?
  2. Why are bits not being deducted from my balance if the extension is live?
  3. Could the fact that I have this extension access be creating problems for eligible streamers (affiliate and above)?

As you can see from that table, it’s not possible to use bits on your own channel, regardless of the channel status.

Ideally your extension should check the isBitsEnabled feature flag and ensure that useBits wont even be called if the extension is running on a channel where bits usage isn’t possible. If you’re still calling useBits anyway, it’ll likely cause errors for channels that are not affiliates/partners.

Also, if you’re somehow calling useBits and your extension seems to be allowing that, are you sure you’re actually using a SKU that’s not marked as in-development, and that you are also not using the loopback? If the SKU is not in development and you’re not using the loopback there should be no way for the transaction to succeed on your own channel.

Thank you for the reply, I created a checklist of items to remove prior to launch and left out removing the ‘in development’. I’m going to ask an affiliate to test to confirm, then mark your reply as a solution when confirmed. Thanks.