Twitch Extension Not Properly Showing

So lately I have been having this problem where my twitch extinsions will not load and they are just blank screens and cant interact at all. Ive uninstalled btt, my ad block cleared cache all of it I have no idea how to fix this and it is really bothering me. This is what is looks like

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This looks like a issue with that extension

Please contact that extensions developer.

We cannot help with other peoples extensions

This seems to be a problem with every extension I have though not just this one… this was just an example

That would suggest a configuration issue with the extensions on your channel and you still need to ask the developers of the extensions you are using to help track down the issue as they will have more information about why their extensions are not loading on your channel

All extensions seem to work properly on my phone when i logged in on the twitch mobile site, but on my computer they just will not load. So I feel like its not the extension

Either way, you still need to contact the developers of the extensions you are using to help track down the issue, I don’t know if it’s a issue with those extensions on your page in your browser, or it’s a Twitch issue.

They can then work through debugging the issue for their extensions, and then if they can find a issue that needs Twitch to look at then they/the developers can raise it.

Edit: I tried to go look at your Twitch page elilaunder has no extensions and eli_launder doesn’t exist. So I can’t do a once over

My twitch channel is NuBueno and the problem has to be on my actual computer and dont know how to fix it because if i view my channel without being logged in I still cant see the extensions appearing properly

Best asking the developers of the extension(s) you use.

it could be something obscure like the API that serves the extension provided by the developer is blocking you and that is the fall over point.

Either way, they know their own extension better than I do, so I can only guess at the possibles, and they’d know for sure. And this isn’t Streamelements support

Common issues could be

  • Cloudflare firewall done screwed up and SE’s API is behind cloudflare,
  • SE is blocking you, just you,
  • You are using Brave and the extension uses localstorage (hence it works on your phone),
  • You adblocked something and it’s stopping it appear,
  • Another browser extension is doing something it shouldn’t, try incognito to see or disable everything, that privacy browser extension you have is probably not doing anything useful, if you have a privacy

Aside from that, ask SE, they have more information about their extension and issues they may have than this forum will.

SE can go check their API and/or access/error logs, this forum can’t do that.

That is literally not helpful at all… I have been having the same gd issue and I have tried LITERALLY every single possible fix that has been suggested. It is not a developer problem as it is happening with multiple extensions that are suggested by TWITCH in the extensions section of the site itself. This has become extremely irritating to say the least and I’d like an actual fix.

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Sorry but,

We cannot help, this forum helps developers build extensions, so you need to inform the developers of the extensions you are trying to use and they can track down the issue.

It could be adblocker, it could be the browser you are using, it could be FFZ or other browser extensions you have in use.

Either way, you have to go back to that developer and they can investigate, find the problem and if needed report that problem to Twitch if it is a Twitch issue.

This forum cannot help with this third party third party issue, as I cannot debug other peoples extensions as efficiently as I can my own.

So you mean to tell me that literally FIFTEEN or more different developers are having these issues with their extensions… I don’t think so. It is most certainly an issue with settings somewhere or with the new beta version of Twitch.

If all the extensions are crashing for you, we can’t help either if this is a Twitch issue or a problem from something else (chrome/firefox extension for example).
This forum is to provide support to the developer community and we can’t solve problems with the Twitch website.

You need to take the issue to those developers, so that they can investigate the issue and escalate the issue with Twitch. They have more information about their extensions in order to determine where the issue you are having is. I can’t go debug StreamElements extension, of the MTGA deck builder extension and see what a problem is, but I can go debug my own and see if it’s something I need to fix, or something I need to report to Twitch.

It’s likely an environmental problem with your browser, and it’s plugins.

I am having the same issues its prob the twitch beta version so yeh what kinda pcs u guys using cuz it is the pc cuz im using my school pc and im 13

Im having the same issue, works on any other device when im logged into my account but not my PC - doesnt matter what developer it is the extensions fails to load. My only guess is something from the PC/Twitch is refusing it to load…
why i think this?
i have tried 4 different browser (chrome,operaGX,firefox,explorer)
all have had the same issue…
I have uninstalled my anti virus software and completely disabled my firewall… reset my PC and it still fails to load.
Maybe another idea on what it could be?

I think it’s not in the browser, but is in the twitch account. I once tried (yeah i did try) disconnecting some under connection tab under your account. Maybe that is the reason, because since then I had the same issue. Hope it helps for some devs. But if those connections are missing, how do we get them?

Im having the same issue anyone figure it out?

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