Twitch extension useBits products


When i uploaded my extension and try to test buy , the extension show me this message:

  • “Sorry” Something going wrong, try later"

And i expect show a twitch aller with product price and name. I configured the products on rig and for buy i using:


help me!

Sounds like you have tried to useBits on a product that is not in development
And the test channel is not affilaite+
And the user is not the same as the test channel.

See also


Im testing with development = no because i try to testing like in production, but ok trun in YES.

Im instal this extension in account that is affiliate. and using diferent account for using the extension.

what is the good combinaton ?

Refer to

And decide how besst you want to test.

This drop down just changes how the “system works” for testing with.


Sorry Barry, but i test using

this flow and the result is:

how to show the name of product, price etc? what happend?

sounds like the channel doesn’t have bits enabled
Or bits is disabled for the extension, in the manage permissions section of the dashboard.



the bits are enabled in this channel.

and in the manifest:

  "manifest": {
    "anchor": "panel",
    "assetUrls": [],
    "authorName": "Danig",
    "bitsEnabled": true,
 "extensionViews": [
      "channelId": "xxxx",
      "configurationAnchor": "panel",
      "displayChannelName": "danig",
      "features": {
        "isBitsEnabled": true,

what happend?

the user danig is not an affiliate or a partner

So the test route in you drew isn’t valid

twitch api get 'users?login=danig'
  "data": [
      "broadcaster_type": "",
      "created_at": "2020-07-02T16:27:39Z",
      "description": "",
      "display_name": "danig",
      "id": "550333197",
      "login": "danig",
      "offline_image_url": "",
      "profile_image_url": "",
      "type": "",
      "view_count": 4

This looks like something from the rig. Which will bypass a number of checks. And useBits won’t work at all without loopback

Which is at odds with your original screenshot in your OP.

Because IS a test data for this forum,

The Channel IS danielfigares and he IS partner.

So to confirm the test environment

  • The extension is installed on 62558770 with the userlogin danielfigares who is affiliate?
  • The extension is active in a slot?
  • The extension permission for bits usage is enabled:
  • You are testing on the Live Twitch Website?
  • Your product of sku [redacted] for [mini knock do.. is cost 100 bits?
  • Your product of sku [redacted] for [mini knock do.. is not marked as in development?
  • The user whom is using the extension has at least 100 bits in their wallet
  • The user whom is attempting to use bits is not 62558770/danielfigares?


Im danielgbullidixper2022 on twitch this is my dev account.

the account danielfigares (Twitch) is affiliate and he instaled the extension in panel 1:

Yes the extension bit is enabled:

Im testing on Twitch

My product cost 100bts and it doesnt on development:

im using the account danielgbullidixper2022 but i dont have bits but my college davidixper has bits and get the same error.

the account danielfigares dont try to use extension like viewer.

We need to start appearing something like this:


From what you have written I cannot see anything obviously wrong.

You can try full reinstalling the extension to the channel (not deactivate/reactivate).
And/or checking in network tools and following the error.

When I’m testing I don’t use the routes that result in bits actually being spent. So I can’t test the exact model you are using to test with, as I don’t want to burn the bits in my wallet.

i tryed this and ge the same error.

this is the only one error in console…

please help me

Your extension is a NFT/Crypto extension?

see Extensions Guidelines & Policies | Twitch Developers

4.11 Extensions may not display, implement, include, or interact with any non-fungible token (NFT). Examples: Extensions may not include off-site links or referral codes to NFT sites and may not facilitate the creation, listing, trading, or redemption of NFTs.

This is a generic error in console not the raw response in network tools.


You use bits to throw effects on the streamer’s screen

is there any possibility to obtain more information about the error?

in code how to enable the bits? im only put “bitsEnabled”: true, (i show you in other reply)

I only put:

how to get more info? a few days ago the modal show the name and price but today nope

the products only config on rig?