Twitch Extension vs ChatBot

Hello friends.

I have an Extension for Call of Duty: Warzone that responds to chat commands with information that the Streamer configured in the extension. That logic today runs on client side with an anonymous bot in each browser instance.

This is less than ideal because:
1- Building the messages and posting them involves the browser to send requests to my services.
2- The chat commands only work as long as the streamer is online and extension is loaded in viewers browser. Not compatible with iOS (I refuse to pay Apple’s license just for this) or Twitch TV App.

So I would like to move the chat functionality to a chatBot in a DigitalOcean Droplet. That will allow me to instantiate a Bot and connect to all channels that the extension is installed and make the chat commands work when the channel is offline and in the devices that currently cant support It (iOS/TV).

Question Is:

  • How do I query Twitch, which channels have my extension Installed and Active? I dont wanna have my bot connecting to channels that later uninstalled or stopped using my extension. Also, would be nice that the bot could also receive some kind of notification that a given channel uninstalled the extension or deactivated It.

Thank you in advance!

errata/issues exist

other options include:

extension calls my API/server and math from there


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I didnt notice this endpoint… It is useful, but doesnt satisfy my scenario completely.

I need to get the channels that are not live as well… because the chat bot will not know if It’s connected to a channel that may have uninstalled the extension. :frowning:

There is no endpoint for this

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Thank you for the quik reply tho. Much appreciated, Barry!

It would be nice to have a way of being able to perform automatic backend cleanup / chat bot disconnection for uninstalled channels for better housekeeping in remote services. I upvoted the uservoice topic on Webhooks for Streamer actions.


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