Twitch Fakes Follows

Hey, I was moderator at all times on the Jasonvoreast chain, and often there are “Fakes Follows” of the kind that it is the same person or just boys, it makes its influence stream streamer because every Follows, a notification appears with her, so when this is not true Follows unfortunate. There are some months that streamer you have contacted your remove Follows is miserable, you did and we thank you, but you often ask the motor work. I strongly wish that you develop as streamer worse the Admin live like me, can remove his Follows, who am no longer really bad light. This would ensure that

thank Twitch
I want to help to evolve Twitch!
Alexis Bousquet - French
Twitch: ARTIYT

This is the dev forum. Try searching here for more information.

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Ok thanks man !