Twitch gives me error #3000 when streaming with ffmpeg

[‘ffmpeg’, ‘-f’, ‘mpegts’, ‘-readrate’, ‘1’, ‘-i’, ‘-’, ‘-f’, ‘flv’, ‘-acodec’, ‘copy’, ‘-vcodec’, ‘copy’, ‘rtmp://’, ‘-y’]

[‘ffmpeg’, ‘-readrate’, ‘1’, ‘-vcodec’, ‘h264_cuvid’, ‘-i’, ‘|FUhxVEXihU9fPKqysZrp2g.mp4’, ‘-filter_complex’, ‘[0:v]format_clip=fontpath=/home/gabriel/Downloads/roboto/Roboto/Roboto-BlackItalic.ttf:percentagetoblack=5:streamername=test[s0];[s0]chat[s1];[s1][0:a]concat=a=1:n=1:v=1[s2][s3]’, ‘-map’, ‘[s2]’, ‘-map’, ‘[s3]’, ‘-f’, ‘mpegts’, ‘-b:v’, ‘4500k’, ‘-b:a’, ‘96k’, ‘-ac’, ‘2’, ‘-acodec’, ‘aac’, ‘-bit_rate’, ‘441000’, ‘-r’, ‘60’, ‘-vcodec’, ‘h264_nvenc’, ‘-’, ‘-y’]

this are the two ffmpeg commands I am using the second one downloads a clip, and outputs a pipe which is streamed to the rtmp twitch server, I am using codecs h264 with nvidia harware acceleration,
if I stream with obs it works fine
if I stream to a local file instead of the rtmp server
like this
[‘ffmpeg’, ‘-f’, ‘mpegts’, ‘-readrate’, ‘1’, ‘-i’, ‘-’, ‘-f’, ‘flv’, ‘-acodec’, ‘copy’, ‘-vcodec’, ‘copy’, 'out.flv, ‘-y’]
it works fine,

the error says " Your browser encountered an error while decoding the video. (Error #3000)
Click Here to Reload Player"
what does this mean? in which codec should I stream?

the problem was that twitch only seems to like yuv420p as the pixel type, I was streaming with brg

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