Twitch has broken the iOS Viewing Embed (TwitchKit) API. Please fix ASAP!

The “iOS Viewing Embed” Objective-C plugin, also known as the TwitchKit framework, featured prominently on, TwitckKit no longer works for streaming. I am in the process of developing an app that uses the TwitchKit API to stream videos. Now, when I call it to stream the video, I just get a spinning loading sign, and has been doing this for the last couple days.

This has broken a significant part of my app. No changes have been made on my end. It suddenly stopped working for all users.

Something must have changed serverside that broke the plugin. Please either fix the plugin so I can put out an update or fix this serverside ASAP, as this should be affecting all third party iOS apps that use your TwitchKit plugin.

On a related note, the embedded html5 player has also stopped working and only displays a spinning loading sign.

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This is probably related; the iOS Viewing Embed plugin looks a lot like a webview with an embedded html5 player.

The hls player in a web view appears to still work, but I don’t know if that helps you at all.

Yup same here. The view to see all streams works but actually viewing a stream does not work at all.

A fix for the HTML5 player in the IFrame embed ( has been released this evening. This embed is used in the iOS viewing embed, so it should fix that issue as well.

Let us know if you continue to have trouble.

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