Twitch Helix API: HTTP Error 401 - invalid access token

I am using Helix API and creating an app in Python and Flask. But I encountered a problem. Everytime I make a request it just returns 401 - invalid access token.

User authorizes app from this link: “”, it redirects to the “http://localhost:5000/?code=<access_token>&scope=openid” and validates token using a GET request. But everytime it just returns “invalid access token” error.

Source code:

from flask import Flask, request
from requests import get
app = Flask(__name__)

def validatetoken():
    ACCESS_TOKEN = request.args.get('code')
    r = get(url='', headers={'Authorization': f'Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}'})
    return r.json()

Thanks in advance!

After getting the code you need to exchange the code for an access token

The code is NOT an access token.

Step 3

NodeJS example that may help

Ok. Now it works, one more thing does the /oauth2/token require an redirect_uri? Without specyfing it, it wouldn’t let me in.

As documented, yes

OK. Thank you very much!

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