Twitch iOS app chat

Hello, I am trying to recreate the twitch chat in the twitch app in iOS. I am wondering what view the incoming messages are displayed in. Is it a table view, text view or something else?

Thank you.

Chat data comes over IRC as specified in our documentation. There is no view associated with the data. We do have a supported embed for chat that you could use instead of recreating chat.

I have successfully read the irc web socket messages, I want to display the messages just like in the iOS app in my own app. So I would like to know what view you guys used in your twitch app.

Thank you.

That’s an implementation detail that we wouldn’t share publicly.

Can I release an iOS app with just twitch chat?

I would recommend reading the Developer Agreement. There are specific prohibitions about what you can do with Twitch Content, which includes chat.

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