Twitch IRC Bot and sending messages


I’m creating a bot that notifies me when I get a new follower, subscriber (eventually), etc.

The problem I’m having is when the bot sends a message, it’s sending it via my broadcaster username showing the broadcast icon even.

I’m not seeing the bot send it as its own username?

Is there something I’m missing or does a bot need some additional permissions? Do I need to ask Twitch to make it a ‘known bot’?


If it’s sending messages as your broadcaster username it’s because the bot is connecting to chat with your username and OAuth token. If you want the bot to use it’s own username, you need to have it connect using that username/OAuth token instead.

How do i generate an Oauth token for the bot and not my username? When I generate the token its associated to my twitch broadcast user no?

If I go to: and generate its going to map it back to my username

You need to use the bot account to generate the token. So if you’re using a site like that, first log into Twitch as your bot account, then go there and generate the token.

Ok so then question is how do I make a bot account? is it just a twitch account?

Yes, it’s just a Twitch account the same as it would be for a user.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure since IRC lets you set nicknames I would have thought that it would send via the nickname specified bound to the broadcaster user somehow

But this makes sense, thanks!

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