Twitch IRC Not Working!

Greetings, not sure where to post this but I am having issues with connecting to the twitch IRC channels. I can connect to the server just fine, but when I join a chat room where a streamer is live, and the web chat room is active, but nothing will display on the IRC side.

I have been able to connect no issues in the past, and I have not changed anything. I see the channel playback from my ZNC when I was last in there, so I know it’s the right channel. 6667 oauth:###############

That above is what I have in my settings, and not sure what else to do? I prefer IRC over the web and I am hoping to figure out how to get this fixed.

Since you mentioned ZNC, have you disconnected and reconnected lately? ZNC might still be connected to one of the old chat servers or might be caching the IP address of one of them.

Also, can you try changing “” to “” and see if it makes any difference?

I tried to change that just now and I still connect fine and I get the opening message:

Welcome, GLHF!
Your host is
This server is rather new

You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

But still no channel activity in any channels.

Ok, well deleting the server from my ZNC server list and then readding it seemed to have fixed it ‘partially’.

I still can’t see others typing in the channel via IRC, but when I type, people can see me (meaning it’s taking my inputs and sending them to the channel but not the other way around).

I never had this issue before, and I’m super confused …

Had the same issue using ZNC, and it was definitely IP caching. Switching to solved the issue.

I tried to completely delete the twitch IRC from my ZNC and then re-entering it with the new url and still nothing. Any other ideas?

You’re connecting to the old servers most likely, try using the following DNS, port can be either 80 or 6667, both will work just fin

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