Twitch IRC server unresponsive


Following the chat IRC doc. I am able to connect. But any messages I send following that, I get nothing. Pretty sure my messages are accurate.

Anybody know what the reason is?

I don’t see anything wrong with the traffic itself so it’s most likely something with your code.

Using wire shark I can see the traffic, but response from “#JOIN” message is just empty. I wonder if I have failed to authorise my application?

If you failed to auth the App, you’d get a error logging in response when you AUTH.

When you join you should get a roomstate (assuming you requested related tags which dosen’t seem the case in your img above) and then start receiving privmsg for that room.

edit: There is a response to join with no tags, but you should just start getting chat messages.

There’s always a JOIN back to acknowledge the JOIN “request” from the client, if it succeeded (in TMI’s case, if the channel exists).

NICK justinfan1 001 justinfan1 :Welcome, GLHF! 002 justinfan1 :Your host is 003 justinfan1 :This server is rather new 004 justinfan1 :- 375 justinfan1 :- 372 justinfan1 :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. 376 justinfan1 :>
JOIN #kearney401
:justinfan1! JOIN #kearney401 353 justinfan1 = #kearney401 :justinfan1 366 justinfan1 #kearney401 :End of /NAMES list

Is what wireshark shows inline with your application’s output or my snippet above, @Ciaran_Kearney ?

Heh I always forget that one. I need more coffee…

WireShark matches my application, not your code snippet. Below screenshot of the wireshark logs. I think something on the twitch side is dropping my requests

i have also the same problem in last days. Please fix it.

Hmm, if you are developing, do you see “reconnect to chat” messages in normal chat? (ie is web chat working fine)

Yea I see the welcome to chat on the website

Solved it.

I needed to add “\n” to my c string.

So “JOIN #kearney401\n”

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Wasn’t obvious from the output but yeah, you need line breaks after each command according to IRC specification. \n works, but to be on the safe side use \r\n as required by specification.

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