Twitch keeps giving me the error "No response from Twitch."

I’m working on an app that requires me to look at the top X amount of channels, sorted by views. When joining the channels, the first couple join just fine. After that, it gives me “No response from Twitch.”, yet, after I console.log all of the channels I’m connected to, they all show up. Is this something I should be worried about?

I am also having a lot of other errors that I’ve Googled my brains out to try and figure out.

Another thing I have a problem with is how to crawl more than the top 100 watched channels. I’m currently using the following API:

If anyone can help me, thanks a lot, really appreciated. <3

use offset to paginate. offset = “start from this record”

This a chat bot?

Sounds like you are hitting the rate limit on joining channels. Why are you trying to join this many channels? Sounds fishy/against DevTOS-ey.

Since it’s preferred to get permission before adding a bot to someone else’s channel

Ah, I tried offset, but didn’t know how it worked. That solved that issue, thanks a lot for that! :slight_smile:

It’s not a chat bot. I’m very new to node.js and programming in general so I’m trying to console.log all messages on a lot of channels. I don’t think it’s against ToS because of Chatterino basically doing the same.

I heard about data limits and whatnot, so I think I need to delay how fast I join the channels, but have no idea how. :frowning:

Figured out my other problem.

var number = 0;

setInterval(function() {

Couple things to note, even if you limit how fast you join channels there will still be a maximum number of channels you can join as there is a buffer of messages Twtich is sending your connection and if you’re not reading from that buffer fast enough you’ll be disconnected. Since you’re joining the channels with the most viewers you’ll have a high chat activity so would likely have to use multiple connections.

Secondly, Chatterino is designed as a chat app for end users, where as you seem to be programmatically joining channels, and specifically mentioned ‘crawl’, which has the connotation of web crawling and gathering data.

Through the API this may be okay to some extent but if you’re joining chat channels to gather data without any permission from the channels involved then you’re potentially breaking GDPR if you store any user data, and if you’re not storing user data but monitoring things like chat activity, or measuring any sort of metrics, then that could fall under the category of ‘research’ or ‘marketing’ which are a violation of Twitch’s Developer Agreement unless you enter into a separate agreement with them.

Hm, that’s pretty good to know. Thankfully, I’m only doing this to learn. No data being researched or saved.

So you are connecting to chat.
And logging all the messages sent in the channels you join.

That’s a chat bot when doing it progmatically.

Chatterino as Dist says is a client app, and that doesn’t go and mass join a load of channels using similar criteria to what you describe.

Make sure whatever you are doing is honoring the Developer agreement

As just mass collecting peoples chat is a grey area.

Please make sure to opt out all channels I work with from your collection systems.

And provide a way for users and channels to opt out of your collection.

Please also do not collect chat messages sent by myself in channels I may or may not be in.

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