Twitch Live Stats Tool 2014 (v2.0) (Follower, Viewer, Views, Subs..)

Hi am making a Twitch Live Tool for Stats.

Here is a Screenshot of Tool, Live Follower(Got/Lost), Views Working:

  • remove the “space” after “http://”

Hello Friends,

You can now Download “Twitch Live Stats Tool 2014 (v2.0)” Free via Google.
Download from my Blog or Sourceforge.


  • Live Viewers Count
  • Live Followers Count
  • Live Views Count
  • Live New Sub (Subscriber) Information
  • Live Website View
  • Live Chat + with Custom Function, Color…
  • On Top Mod On/Off
  • Automatically Refresh Software, Not the whole Website (Very Sick! & CPU Friendly)

How to use:

  1. Put your URL in the Box, click “Start Live Stats”
    That’s all! Have Fun :wink:

Please let me know if this software is cool and you enjoy it.
You can send me also new function wishes or something.

Screenshot (remove the space): Pe22HYM

Where is the link to your blog O.o

Edit - Oh i found it hehe.