Twitch Live Steaming Does Not Work On Site

twitch live stream is down on my site , can someone help me how to fix it ? or how to contact twitch to access my site to have live streams from twitch. month ago it was working and now it is down

Link to page with broken embed please

here it is .

Seems you have bigger problems than an embed not working

from gb site can not be access dear. we are not breaking laws thats why

so my partner is telling me that we need access from twitch . here is what he said:

Yeah I need to look at the page to help debug the page
But since I can’t look at the page to debug the page I have no idea what the problem is and can’t help debug it since I can’t see the page.

any vpn will help you see it dear.

No, as VPN will not help be accurately debug the issue as it is not representative of a regular use accessing your website so not a fair test.

so what can we do about that ?

Then why are you blocking GB?

because we are not able to access users from GB thats why , dear

Then I can’t help you debug your issue

is there only you can someone help me not from gb . because we cant go against gb rules

can we ask someone non from gb to help us. because you are saying that you cant use vpn for this. we need twitch support on this so much

can anyone help here from twitch support ?

Looks like you didn’t followed the documentation for iframes.

thanks for the reply . can you tell me exactly what do we have to do ?

Everything you need is here: Embedding Twitch | Twitch Developers

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