Twitch login in return for a whitelist

Hi all,

I saw an system a while ago that added users/twitch subs on a private server on the moment when they subbed a certain streamer (and removed the user when he/she wasn’t a sub anymore). To be fair, i love this idea, giving something in return when someone interacted with your stream. But as i’m not an affiliate or partner that system is useless for me. So that’s why i want the exact same system but instead of subsribers it will look and add followers. I did some research and i dont believe it exists yet (atleast, not for the public). So my question is, is it possible to create this kind of system and if it is possible, how do you do it and can someone help me with it? (As im not good at PHP, JS, SQL ect.)

(if it’s made I want everyone to be able to use it)

I have a web server (unlimited bandwith and with unlimited data) for life (I did win it) so i would be able to host it.

-Ruben aka RFlintstone, Twitch streamer


Should you do it for a server based on Follows? Probably not, as griefers would be able to connect to easily.

Alas I’m strapped for time outside of paid work.

But the end points for follows is documented here:

And in the “subscriber” method you’d just swap the call to the subscribers endpoint to the follows.

And you’ll also need something to collect relevant names to whitelist (Yggdrasil username in the case of Minecraft)

You may struggle with un-whitelisting on unfollow due to the often large number of pages to read to get all followers.

Isn’t it possible to update a sql database to ‘check’ if users are still following?

Also, is this easy to create? Is there a video that teaches you how to make / apply a system like this?

Yes, but again followers are (generally) very very numerous and it takes time to paginated thru.

Not to my knowledge no, talking to specific API’s is general a niche subject

Is there someone who haves time to do this for me / give me the webhooks?
I still didn’t figure out how it works and there is no tutorial that explains this.

Webhooks are documented here

But that only gives you new followers, not unfollows, so you’ll also need to long poll

To account for unfollows.

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