Twitch login page displays on multiple languages "OAuth Security" page is not set in English as default

Twitch login page displays on multiple languages not set as default in English or not set to our desired default language
Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Uninstall our app (boomplayer).
  2. Delete remaining trash data of Boom player:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\
  3. Install Boom player again.
    3a. Attempt to login into TwitchTV
  4. Notice that the bug happens. (Please, see screenshots) for reference
    Any insider information would be helpful, why the “authorization check” (OAuth Security) is conflicting with our App - Thanks in advance!

We have tried the following "&language=en

to the end of your auth URL to set the language to English" and we still get the same issue as explained above^ - Any other suggestions, thanks in advance!

this is the url we request to twitch:

then twitch will redirect browser to this URL:

Note: We think maybe the problem is in the second url
we send them request with language=en
but in the second url (the url Twitch generates itself), they don’t keep that option anymore

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