Twitch mirc groups

hey there i was wondering if there was a way i could find out what all the default twitch mirc groups are:
for example: Global Moderator, Moderator, Admin, User.

im also wondering if it is possible to replace people in those groups and/or if it is possible to create new groups, and if it is possible to retreive a list that contains for example only the moderators of the chat room.

If you’re referring to the user-type then possible values are staff, admin, global_mod, mod or no value for normal chat users. The host can appear as mod if he modded himself.

I highly doubt that is possible or ever will be.
You can define custom groups in your own application though depending on what you want to do with it.

You can get a list of all moderators by sending .mods to the channel. The response will look like this

The moderators of this room are: mod1, mod2, mod3

But keep in mind that the irc message length is limited. Meaning, you might not get all moderators if the channel has a whole lot of them.

thanks for the reply,

what im kinda getting out of this is that twitch offers notyhing that would for example return a json string that returns all the members of that specific group.

No, not that I’m aware of

Well, you can use for chatters in a channel.

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