Twitch mobile app notifications


I use the twitch mobile app and due to the large number of streams that I follow I have switched off notifications for the app altogether. What I would like to see in the future is a way to turn off notifications per streamer (an opt-out feature as I currently see it) so that I can still follow the streams that I enjoy but not suffer the burden of the oh-so-many notifications my phone receives.

Just throwing it out there to see how the idea is perceived by others!



Hey Shmaff,
We are currently working on supporting this functionality for mobile devices. If you go into your settings page on the website, you can turn off notifications per user. We’re not satisfied with the current solution and we’ll have a much better alternative in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thanks Nocturnu! I didn’t know this was available in the settings.

I might add that it’s a bit painful editing that last. As it is now, you have to save changes each for each “page” of streams in settings before moving to the next page and editing some more. I had 18 pages of streams I had to go through and save each time before moving on to the next page.

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Hey Schmaff, yes we are definitely not pleased with the current implementation. Editing that list is painful and we’ll be moving to a MUCH improved implementation for managing follows and notifications for follows. The first step will be rolled out in the coming weeks and another step not too far out. Thanks for the patience.