Twitch Needs Major Work

I’m getting real tired of people coming into my stream to post a link to some random malicious nonsense for my viewers to click and become infected. Even if the link was to a clean website, it’s annoying.

I ban the person and days later he’s back posting inside my chat again. I type /ban(name) and it says he’s already banned. If he’s already banned why is he still able to talk in my chat? Twitch needs a MAJOR rehaul pretty much with every single aspect. The app needs major work, the website needs major work, and built in chat needs way more administrative features. I need more control over my channel, chat, and stream. I wouldn’t mind paying $10 a month for Twitch if it was complete.

If you don’t want people to post links in chat then disable links in your channel settings (only mods can post links that way) or use a bot like Xanbot or Moobot to timeout/purge any kind of links

Cool, thanks dude, appreciate the reply.

Also, since you know a lot about the chat, can you also explain to me why when I /ban username it tells me the person is already banned when they’re really not?

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