Twitch-Page or Embedded Stream don't refresh automatically

Hello! I’m using OBS Stream Software v0.659b and I wonder that there is no auto refresh any more on the Twitch profile page or on embedded streams when starting a livesteam. I remember that a few years ago Twitch profile websites and embedded streams refreshed automatically when starting a stream. This don’t work any more - at least not with Firefox. When I start streaming, nothing happens on the already opened Twitch profile, even not when pressing the “Play”-button, only when the stream is already running. That means that everyone waiting for our stream have to refresh the page manually or pressing F5 to watch the stream which is very unpractically. So, what’s the matter with that and is there any way to add get this function back from Twitch?

It does, but sometimes the service times out, and you stop getting updates, expecially if you keep it open a very long time. Also, any website bugs should go on the uservoice This is a 3rd party developer forum, support staff doesn’t work on these forums, we are just twitch users.

This was also reported

and is being tracked on github

But why takes this so long to fix this issue? This problem exists several days and it’s still not working for our channel. Same with my reported problem with the wrong stream bitrate. Every time when I’m streaming the standard quality is “160p” for our viewers. The reason seems to be using VBR when streaming as I found out now but CBR takes much more bandwith and disk space for recording. I remember this works several years before. Twitch seems to make many backsteps in the last time. Maybe it’s time to move to YouTube streaming instead…

It takes as long as it takes to debug the issue and create a fix. Plus it’s a non-critical issue so wont get the same attention as a site-breaking bug would for example.

For years production experts, and experienced streamers, have been saying don’t use VBR unless you are aware of and accept the downsides to that choice. Yes CBR will use more bandwidth but adjust it accordingly so it’s appropriate for whatever bandwidth limitations you may face. As for disk space and recording, depending on what setup you’re using it could be possible to record at a different bitrate to that of the stream feed.

If you feel that Twitch are going backwards, you can report 3rd party dev issues here: Issues · twitchdev/issues · GitHub
First party issues here: Twitch Help Portal
And if you have suggestions on how Twitch can improve them make the here:

Voice your opinion where it matters, threatening to move to a different service on the 3rd party developer forums does nothing to improve the situation, you are free to use any service you wish.

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