Twitch Partner Actively Streaming his team cheating in WoW is a World of Warcraft streamer that has a twitch partnership (Sub Button), and last night he was streaming a game where his team used hacks in an attempt to win the game.

Bailamos is seen throughout the stream actively condoning and encouraging this hacker by saying statements such as “go higher, so they can’t attack you”.

Proof can be seen here:

Please note that he was very quick to delete this from his “Past Broadcasts” section on his twitch account, but I was even faster at opening it and streaming it on my own twitch channel to save the VoD as evidence.

I would assume that this is against the Twitch Terms of Service. If a Twitch partner is actively supporting hacking within the game that they are a partner for, this will also look bad for Twitch as a company.

Please report this to, or by using the report button on their channel page. This is a developer support forum, not a place to report users for misconduct.

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