Twitch player injecting elements into page

I noticed that the twitch embedded player is injecting advertising elements into my page. Even if this is “supposed” to happen (which I believe shouln’t), the elements are not being hidden properly since a white square appears on the bottom of the page. I tested this on a remote and local environment with same results. When I remove the embedded object the elements don’t get injected. I am able to recreate this on my website only.

Here is a screen shot of the injected elements:

Not sure why it would do this, but to avoid it, you could try using the iframe embed instead

Actually, you just have adware installed on your computer. I suggest getting a tool to remove that.

@night Actually, no I do not have adware. It was my initial assumption too but as I mentioned, I tested it locally and on the remote server. Just to make sure I also tested it on multiple PC-s just now and the elements appeared on each one.

@Sunspots I guess I will switch to an iframe since that doesn’t inject these elements. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anyways I would still like to see a response from twitch about this.

There is no problem, so why would there be a response?


Your example proves nothing. It is specific to your channel and the stream is not even live.

These elements most likely have to do with ads that are played during the stream. It may have been a specific ad that did this, or some interaction with AdBlock that allowed the elements to be injected and not the scripts that will populate the elements.

I am not sure why are you constantly denying a potential issue, if you think this issue is irrelevant then simply ignore this topic.

And yours does? All you’ve posted is a screenshot of elements you claim Twitch’s player injects. Where’s your hard evidence? Where’s the working example? Where’s the isolated player proving it’s them and not something else you’ve loaded on your website?

I’ve also updated my example. The “streamerhouse” stream is live 24/7 and they also run ads often, and I’ve never seen Twitch ever inject elements onto a page (nor would they, as ads are playing videos inside of flash). Why would Twitch inject anything into the DOM through Javascript?. Even if they were, you can easily prevent that with “allowScriptAccess” set to “never” in the flash params.

I deny the issue since it doesn’t make sense. Twitch wouldn’t execute arbitrary code on a site it’s been embedded on. In addition, as far as I’ve seen Twitch makes use of Google’s DoubleClick ads network (not AOL’s since they sell their own ads at

I am not here to argue with you since you obviously have no intention in helping anyone. You are doing a good job showing that something works for you (and you only) and I appreciate this because then we get more info on a potential issue, however you should also appreciate what other people have to show. For example, in your first post you immediately assumed I had adware as if you were 100% certain it was me and not twitch. The assumption is valid but you could have just asked “Hey did you check if this happens on other PCs? Maybe you have adware?” etc.

Anyways the reason I cannot provide “hard evidence” is because this bug/issue happens in certain situations only. I just tested it on a couple of more popular websites (GosuGamers, DotaCinema …). Here is for example the same thing happening on

The reason why I think it is the twitch player is because those elements are positioned on the edges of it. In the image above you can see the first element is on the top center of the player.

Once again, it doesn’t happen all the time, I noticed however that when an ad plays the elements don’t get injected. I assume this has to do with AdBlock, for example I whitelist both the host website and but since some ads might be served from other domains the script is interrupted and all that is left are those elements.

Oh, and it also happens on your “test” website sometimes:

Also, I am certain this is not adware since I tested in on other PCs and asked friends who also reported the same issue. This could be an ad that is shown in specific regions only.

Because I’ve seen this multiple times before, and in every prior case it was always adware in some shape or form (the most recent was a proxy running on localhost that injected ads into some pages).

If it’s only shown outside of the US, then it may explain why I cannot reproduce this. A network log from page load onwards when this issue occurs would be helpful.

So if you pause AdBlock completely, is it reproducible?

Here’s a modified test version with script access disabled. Is it reproducible here?