Twitch.Player.READY fires prematurely

Hi All,
I think the Twitch.Player.READY event is fired prematurely (before it is actually ready to receive function calls) by the embed player.

My code looks like:

poc.player = new Twitch.Player(poc.VOD_CONTAINER_ID, poc.PLAYER_OPTIONS);

// Add event listener waiting for the player to be ready
poc.player.addEventListener(Twitch.Player.READY, poc.onReady);

and onReady contains:


// Do something to the player

The console log message works, but neither of the function calls to the player do anything, so it appears that the player wasn’t ready to receive them?

Documentation for this is at

Is this a bug, or are the docs out of date?
I have found a similar (the same?) issue on the old github issue tracker:

Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks,

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