Twitch plays buttons Extension

Hi all i run a custom twitch plays bot over at and i had plans to make a spin off emutouch that work with emuchat. To have on screen buttons to send inputs to games e and my dev had a go at looking to make one but for us it looks so complicated so i was wondering if anyone could help.

As a big twitch plays fan / old school dev i have a lot of cool games planed for a extension like this imagine playing tex murphy game and having chat pick the dialog prompts on screen sound so cool to me


well back in 2015 i found this twitch plays bot online and started reading the comments and found a guy that have added ps1 support to the bot.We started talking the next day we started developing v1 of emuchat from a pull of that bot and my gaming life changed


To start out i did a set of streams with twitch playing harvest moon on the ps1
that led us to adding custom delay times then i moved on to final fantasy tactics advance for the gba.
Then one day playing on the ps2 i wondered if 3d games would work for twitch plays well at that time all we had is tp dark souls.


So me and my dev set out to add ps2 support to are bot sound cool we did a bit of testing and i had the stupid idea to go live with a not 100% tested bot on twitch.
That day i sat down watching dan gaming playing kingdom hearts hd on the ps3 and it hit me twitch plays kingdom harts. so i set up all the tools to play my ps2 cd with chat the big test of are to emu support and i was worried it would be a complete failure.


I had the stream setup for 24/7 live fun we had players drop in and out but no one played it more then 3 or 4 minutes till they moved on to a new stream but one night sleeping and then i woke up to a bunch of people playing the game.
People kept on coming back over the next couple of weeks we started fixing and adding new features like button hold/ live game pausing so inputs from chat would un pause and re pause in real time based on player inputs.
I remember one night waking up to someone having a hard time saving the game precision movement was impossible so i call my dev and in the next 10 or 12 minutes we added the ability from going up 10 to up 1.5 or 2.6 letting us have precision movement.

Viewership started declining as the hype trickled down a lot i moved on to new games but it just didn’t have the hype as what kingdom hearts did so i had to end this fun time in my life a move on we did update the bot from time to time to keep up witch twitch updates. then twitch Extension moved in and the hype i had back then is moving back in .