Twitch Plays Me! payed Skill/quest tree + Jukebox

I want to stream my life torugh a google glass. I have goals. I`m not shy.

I`m a traveller, a singer and a dancer, and I like to screw around with life and I have amazing epicquests to do!

What would be the price I have to pay for a developer to make me a cool Skill/Quest/epicquest tree with things for me to do in which they can finance? they could have likes also and comments section, and people could put quests or skills for me to do and I would have to aproove the quest!

also a cool jukebox where people can say songs for me to listen to or pay right away to put that song on?

Wheres the ‘looking-for-devs’ section of the TwitchDev channel? Im looking for developers!

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