Twitch Prime IRC Tag and question about subscriber badge in tags

Hey, not sure if this is already in the process of being implemented, but could we have an IRC tag for Twitch Prime users?

Currently the only way to determine is via the badges tag:


Similar to turbo, could we have a prime tag (or premium if it’s following the same naming as the badge):


Also is subscriber/0 meant to be subscriber/1, or is there a reason as to why it’s 0? (Answered - thanks for the info guys)

Thanks in advance!

I believe the /0 would mean you haven’t be subbed for over 1 month yet. I think it’s the loyalty/resub badge counter. Once you have resubbed once, you earn the /1 then /3 then /6 then /12 and /24 or whatever they all are. (I think)

The number after the slash is just the version of the badge and has no real meaning beyond that.

I assume we are talking about the subscriber tag since that is what Akhawais pointed out specifically, and if we are, then the number after the slash does have a purpose - it provides the appropriate loyalty badge level for the user.

subscriber/12 = 12 month loyalty badge

@matt_thomas @3ventic @Larklen Thanks for your help guys!

Just need to know about the prime tags now!

What’s the use case for having the Prime status available?

Don’t have a use for it currently (probably won’t ever need one). I just thought it could be easier to extract the information from its own tag than from the badge tag, just to match how the turbo tag is handled?

Just an idea :slight_smile:

Ah! Thought you might have a certain use case in mind. :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!

It would have been useful to give them the same amount of access as turbo users have in my bot (or do they also get turbo=1 tag?), but no-one makes use of it anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

They will only get the turbo=1 if they have chosen to use the Turbo badge instead of the Prime badge, otherwise it’ll be turbo=0 :frowning:

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