Twitch Prime Loot - World of Tanks

I had Twitch synced with Amazon Prime and working fine for months. Got the Alpha and Beta crates no problem, but since then I haven’t gotten any “claimed” crates in-game. I’ve tried resyncing my accounts multiple times. I’ve been on chat support with Amazon for an hour and they were completely useless. Every time I try to go to the in-game loot crates on the website I have to re-login for some reason, but every time I do it shows the crates as “claimed.” Yet they never show up in-game. Up till now, I didn’t care that much because it was just a skin and some other things, but now they are offering a free tier 7 premium tank. Please help if you can! I’ve submitted an email to Twitch support but haven’t heard back yet.

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We cannot help you with Prime Rewards issues.

Please contact World of Tanks support