Twitch Prime resub notices

Since the first Twitch Prime resubs are gonna be coming up soon, is there any info on how those are gonna be announced?

Will they be USERNOTICEs like normal resubs (maybe with a different system-msg?), or normal chat twitchnotify messages with some new text?

I’m not even sure if Prime resubs continue streaks in general of it’s like a new one each month since they don’t autorenew (though I think normally you have 30 days to keep the streak?), just wanna have my bot updated before the first ones come in.

Asking the team about this. Will get back to you as soon as I can!

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It will still be a USERNOTICE and the text will be:

{subscriber} just subscribed with Twitch Prime. {subscriber} subscribed for X months in a row!


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