Twitch profile picture not working

first time post here so really not sure where t post this question but I hope someone can help I have had no reply from email or twitter message yet

My Twitch Profile picture when I put in the link into discord & twitter for streaming it just shows as a television with a question mark above it & sometimes just the link on its own with no picture

how do i fix this & what is the problem ?

the image is .jpg 164 kb & 800x800 I have tried it as a PNG also

This is the third party developers forum. We can no help you with this. Sounds like a weird bug. Try

Is there another twitch forum I can ask for help on ? if so where (with exact link) please

surely there is someone from twitch who can assist or point me in the right direction

Is all I have. I don’t work for Twitch. Maybe you need to open a support ticket with them

I have no repsonse since last night

Last I heard tickets can take up to 5 business days to be responded to

It sounds like a support ticket is the best course of action here! I hope they’re able to find resolution for you.

We’re still here to help with any development-related issues you run into!

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