Twitch Pubsub no longer send stream-down message in video-playback topic

I use stream-up and stream-down messages from pubsub but now it does not send stream-down message.
Will it be fixed or it permanent change?

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Those PubSub topics aren’t supported for third party use. The only supported topic is for Bits.


oh, thanks for answer
it would be great to have more third party use topics with some common events like video-playback topic has before

P.S. miss this stream-down messages, have to check kraken endpoint with timer after getting stream-up messages :disappointed:

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I agree, and I’m trying to get them added for third parties. Just aren’t there yet. :slight_smile:



stream-down message in video-playback topic returned thanks

Just to be clear, this is still an unsupported PubSub topic. Use at your own risk as the topic or related messages can change or be removed at any time.

[…] or be removed at any time

Why… would you want to remove something useful, though?

It was never supported for third party use (like other parts of our API that are commonly used), so I’m just providing the disclaimer. Doesn’t mean it’ll happen but the possibility exists.

Ah alright, didn’t know that.

Still, it seems a lot of people are getting a good use out of the pubsub messages, especially the stream down one (e.g. for automated hosting bots), so removing it wouldn’t really be smart imo :stuck_out_tongue:

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