Twitch RTMP protocol

I am tring to implement this RTMP.
I am reading the DOC from , it’s applicable on twitch?
There is another question, trought OBS packet sniffed, i see the “stream_id” sended, wich structure should be filled with “stream_id” in RTMP?

i believe the information in this guide covers your questions

Each broadcast uses an RTMP URL that has the following format: rtmp://<twitch-ingest-server>/app/<stream-key>

and that was clear.
When connecting you go on “twitch-ingest-server.som” in each case, after you need to send the “stream-key” manually in each case. I am tanlking about RAW sockets, not a program that accept “rtmp://twitch-ingest-server/app/stream-key” and does the magic.

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