Twitch search option got removed?

I usually can’t watch stream live cause of my time zone , so i watch the saved videos aka “pastbroadcasts” of the streams , but after an update on twitch app i noticed that one of the search option for videos got removed the (popular/newest) search option , i always use this to watch the latest live streams that i missed … but after that update that option does not work anymore in the app , it is set to (popular) at norm , but if i change it to (newest) all videos suddenly disappear as if it was bugged … so i opened and there the whole (popular/newest) option is removed ! , that is really sad … i hope this is a temporary thing or a bug because i almost use it regularly to watch stream and probably others … i hope this gets fixed … and thank you

Hi. This is a third party developer forum; we have no power to change anything regarding Twich or its apps. If you’d like to voice your opinion, you can use Twitch’s uservoice:

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