Twitch Servers are DOWN

Twitch SERVERS are down for Milan, Peru and Colombia. NO one on XBOX ONE and Playstation 4 cannot LIVE stream since June 1st 2018. We keep getting the error 0x1033110.

Twitch LIVE streaming on the Xbox One is my FULL time job. And I just don´t know what to do, because we are a small voice. I have been getting so depressed lately. PLEASE tweet and get the word out.

This is a forum for 3rd party twitch developers, not general Twitch issues. Also, as can be seen in the very screenshot of there are many ingest servers to choose from that are online, use one of them instead.

Hi Dist. How can I use a different ingest server, on my Xbox One when I´m in SA?

Also thank you, so much for replying to my comment. I just felt alone and helpless with this very issue. This is my LIFE and this sudden halt.
Had me depressed these days that I can´t go back to my full time job (Twitch). Please oh please brother. Could you please help (in any way) get those servers back online?

Have a good laptop/PC? Or do you have a capture card?

If you have a computer that can handle the streaming process, just open the Xbox app on Windows app store. Or if you have a capture card, hook it up to your Xbox and TV, then the USB to your computer (unless it’s an internal cap card). If you don’t have a capture card, there are a few options online that you can find for a relatively decent price and purchase. If this is temporary, you may not need something that awesome or expensive. If you like this better than using the console to stream (You can add your overlays and stuff), then you may want to look into something built well and has good performance.

Next, download OBS Studios.

In OBS, you can add your Stream Key, Change the bitrate, fps, and most importantly change the Ingest Server!

I hope this helps.

-Blue Cat
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