Twitch Steam API in PHP

Hello All,

I am trying to create API in PHP in which I can pass Twith URL and in response I can get the information of urls having video links something like this.

Here you can see the response having video urls. I want to achieve the exactly same with my core PHP CURL concept for my APIs if thats possible.

I have gone through Twitch API Documentation but have not found any exact API to achieve this.

Can someone guide me a process or give me a hint or something how can I achieve this ?

There is no API that presents this information.

@BarryCarlyon Thanks for your reply.

Then how come URLs in my question working ?

I am sure there would be something to achieve this at-least.

No idea.

They must be using an API that is

  • undocumented
  • unsupported
  • not for third party to use

There is no documented/supported API for the information you are after.

As such this tool is using stuff that can change or break at any time and we are not supposed to be using those API’s


I see … I am OK with any third party library even if its undocumented or unsupported …

I believe there is a documentation or library somewhere which I have not found yet.

No you misunderstand.

It’s not documented by Twitch. We as third party developers are not supposed to be using it, or presenting the results/responses in this fashion.

It’s not using a library as libraries don’t tend to provide support for undocumented API calls. There isn’t a library to go get as the person whom made this page, potentially broke the Developer TOS to reverse engineer parts of the Twitch Website to find the call to get the data they are presenting.

If the documentation is not on Twitch Developer Documentation | Twitch Developers then it’s an API you are not supposed to be calling.


I see … so you mean to say … there is WAY to achieve this in PHP but not documented in Twitch.

If possible, if you know and if can just give me a thread of anything you can have or know, it will be a huge help for me.

I have researched around without any success you know.

No because

Then I’d be breaking the Terms of Service.

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